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Welcome to the daily_paolo community on live journal!

Membership is open to anyone, so come on in, pull up a chair and join us as we talk about Paolo and The Vipers (Donny, Mick, Dave, Seamus, Gavin, Ben and Tom). And, ladies? (And any gentlemen who join us): It's okay to love Paolo, just don't love him so hard that he should feel the need to take out a restraining order.

If Paolo Nutini didn't exist then someone would have to invent him.

-Simon Rothstein, The Sun

Performances alongside soul greats such as Ben E King, George Duke and Solomon Burke have done much to encourage the hope that Nutini is following in their musical footsteps. That might sound like excited hyperbole, but then the young Scot has succeeded in creating one of the most spirited and honest albums of the year so far.

-Sophia Money-Coutts, The National

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Beautiful photo courtesy of Tammy Willett

*The daily_paolo community on livejournal is a not-for-profit community for fans of singer/songwriter Paolo Nutini and his band, The Vipers, consisting of Donny Little, Mick McDaid, Gavin Fitzjohn, Seamus Simon, Dave Nelson, Tom Pinder and Ben Edwards.

Questions or comments? Feel free to contact Mary Anna and Celeste at thedailypaolo@gmail.com

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